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Farmed Arctic Char

0.5 lb
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Farmed Arctic Char

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Approx. 0.5 lb, skin on, boneless, 1-2 fillets

This Farmed Arctic Char from Cascade Aqua Farms is a firm, rich-tasting fish whose flavor is often described as a bit of a cross between salmon and trout. With flesh ranging in color from light pink to deep red and fairly firm, fine, flakes, this fish is a great contender for your next weeknight dinner. Try it crisped up in a cast-iron pan with olive oil, salt, and your favorite fresh herbs, or bake it in a miso glaze.

Cascade Aqua Farms has developed a unique system for raising the highest quality Arctic Char. It begins with the pristine, icy snowmelt of the Northern Cascade Mountains. The Char are fed only natural products and are raised without any chemicals or antibiotics in any stage of their development. Finally, the system of processing and delivery is as elegant as the fish itself.

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