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Cracked & Cleaned Dungeness Crab

1 count
$24.99 / lb
Cracked & Cleaned Dungeness Crab

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1.25 - 1.75 lb Whole Dungeness Crab yields around .75 lb once cracked & cleaned.
These medium-sized freshly cooked Cracked & Clean Local Dungeness Crabs are brought in by Pier 45 Fishermen in San Francisco, as well as independent fishermen from Half Moon Bay. They're carefully prepared for you, so you'll receive 2 claws, 8 legs, and body meat ready to enjoy with a squeeze of lemon or a dab of tartar sauce. Their season is short, so get them while you can!

Due to the natural variation from each day's catch and preparation, we are unable to guarantee the exact weight you will receive. Pricing was last updated Sunday December 9th, 2018 based on current market pricing and an average sample weight of 1.5 lbs per crab. For recipes and other applications requiring a set yield we recommend purchasing fresh lump crabmeat available in the marketplace. 

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One Ocean Seafood
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One Ocean Seafood was created by Patrick Guyer, a fishmonger (fresh fish dealer) in 2012, to supply the Bay Area's demand for outstandingly fresh fish.Read more