Once Upon a Farm

Organic Avocado Baby Food (7+ mos)

3.2 oz
$0.93 / oz
Organic Avocado Baby Food (7+ mos)

Notes From The Producer

Once Upon a Farm's "Wild Rumpus" Organic Avocado Baby Food is a blend of organic fruits and avocado, cold-pressed to ensure that every molecule of delicious flavor, vitamins, and fiber makes it into that (recyclable and BPA-free) package. Rich and buttery avocado meets tropical pineapple and banana, plus organic mint for freshness and flavor. This avocado blend is a crowd-pleaser for all ages (yes, we mean grown-ups, too)!

Ingredients: pineapple*, banana*, avocado*, mint* (*organic).

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About The Producer

Once Upon a Farm
San Diego, CA
Once Upon a Farm's team came together in 2015 with a dream: they wanted to provide delicious, nutritious "farm-to-family" foods to kids of all ages (and their grown-ups, too). Read more