Old Dog Ranch

Organic Just Walnut Butter

8 oz
$1.68 / oz
Organic Just Walnut Butter

Notes From The Producer

We toast and grind Organic Chandler Walnuts for our Just Walnut Butter. PS - we call it "Just Walnut Butter" because it's JUST WALNUTS! Spreadable when chilled! And perfect for dipping apple slices!

Old Dog Ranch grows (transitional Organic) Chandler Walnuts, a varietal of the English Walnut. Chandler Walnuts are high in Omega 3s, are large and light colored, and mild in flavor. 

Vegan. Keep Refrigerated!

Ingredients: organic walnuts
Contains: tree nuts

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About The Producer

Old Dog Ranch
Belotta, CA and Montara, CA
We are a 5th generation family farm, located along the Calaveras river in San Joaquin Valley, which grows Chandler Walnuts (Transitional Organic), Blueberries (Organic), Heirloom Melons (Organic), Padron and Rocoto Peppers (Organic), Green Garbonzo Beans (Organic) and other seasonal crops. Read more