Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma

Jimmy Nardello Peppers

1 lb
$5.99 / lb
Jimmy Nardello Peppers

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Approx. 10-15 peppers per lb
Heat up that cast-iron and throw in a splash of high heat oil. A few minutes on each side to give these peppers a blister, and a pinch of sea salt to bring out their sweet, savory flavor, and you've got yourself a side dish, a pizza topping or an addition to any hearty grain salad. Take less than 10 minutes from fridge to plate!

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Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma
Glen Ellen
Oak Hill Farm is 25 acres of productive farmland nestled against the western slope of the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon. The farm is part of a larger 700 acre property, which, as the founding property of the Sonoma Land Trust, is permanently held under conservation easement as protected wildland. For more than fifty years we have farmed using sustainable agricultural practices. Our temperate Mediterranean climate allows us to harvest over two hundred varieties of vegetables, fruit, flowers, perennial greens, and herbs over the course of the year. We farm responsibly with our natural resources and respectfully alongside our native California oak woodlands and wildlife. It is our mission, and always has been, to farm in balance with nature. Read more