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Hare's Ear (Bupleurum)

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Hare's Ear (Bupleurum)

Notes From The Producer

Bupleurum is also known as Hare's Ear, due to the appearance of its simple leaves trailing each stem. In quite beautiful fashion, the stem appears to grow right through these leaves, with masquerading flowers appear at the top of each. Its coloration is called chartreuse, named after its resemblance to the French liqueur of the same hue. Its greenish contrasts reflect the flora which surrounds the current Bay Area landscape: green and full of life. 

Bupleurum is a welcoming tribute to the marvels of mid-Spring. To care for these beautiful flowers, regularly change the water in their vase while trimming their stems.

Product Details

Approx. 15 stems per bunch, 14-20" tall

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Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma
Glen Ellen
Oak Hill Farm is 25 acres of productive farmland nestled against the western slope of the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon. The farm is part of a larger 700 acre property, which, as the founding property of the Sonoma Land Trust, is permanently held under conservation easement as protected wildland. For more than fifty years we have farmed using sustainable agricultural practices. Our temperate Mediterranean climate allows us to harvest over two hundred varieties of vegetables, fruit, flowers, perennial greens, and herbs over the course of the year. We farm responsibly with our natural resources and respectfully alongside our native California oak woodlands and wildlife. It is our mission, and always has been, to farm in balance with nature. Read more