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Lupo Salami

5 oz
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Lupo Salami

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Natural edible hog casing.
North Country Charcuterie's Lupo Salami is deep, complex, and richly spiced with chilies, garlic, cocoa powder, and a Wolf's Ridge Brewing Russian Imperial Stout. Made with 100% Berkshire pork, Lupo has a clean meatiness, warm chile flavors, and a complex, lingering spice without heat inspired by Mexican mole sauces. Slice and enjoy alongside tangy pickled veggies and sharp cheeses.

Ingredients: pork, beer reduction (flavoring), water, kosher salt, mole seasoning  (cocoa powder, chilies, spices, garlic, onion), pink curing salt (salt, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate), lactic acid starter culture.

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