Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce Cups

North Coast

Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce Cups

4 count
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Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce Cups

Notes From The Producer

North Coast's premium Organic Cinnamon Apple Sauce is made just the way we like to cook for our families: simply, using quality organic fruit, and with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Flavorful organic apples are cooked with freshly ground cinnamon for this great spin on the classic. Packed into four convenient cups, it's a perfect healthy snack for lunches, road trips, or for a pre-dinner bite that won't spoil your little ones' appetites.

Ingredients: apples*, apple juice concentrate*, water*, cinnamon*, ascorbic acid (vitamic C) (organic*).

Product Details

4 individual cups, 4 oz each

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About The Producer

North Coast
Sebastopol, CA
North Coast has been drying and canning apples and other fruit in Sebastopol's Green Valley for nearly 100 years. They continue to produce delicious apple juices, ciders, sauces, and more. Read more