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Whole Wheat Ramen

10 oz
$9.58 / lb
Whole Wheat Ramen

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Previously frozen. Store refrigerated and consume within 14 days of delivery.

We decided to give traditional ramen a Californian twist by adding whole-wheat flour (made from the entire wheat berry including endosperm, germ, and bran) Nona Lim’s Whole Wheat Ramen has a natural brown hue, and more nutrients and fiber. Enjoy our ramen with any of Nona’s fresh broths. Just remember to cook the whole wheat ramen for a minute in boiling water as it cooks quicker than traditional ramen. 

Enjoying the most famous Japanese noodles at home is now possible with Nona Lim’s fresh ramen noodles. All vegan and with no preservatives or any additives,these ramen noodles are refrigerated to maintain freshness. We use purified water and a careful selection of flour to create the perfect texture and bite. Pair our ramen noodles with our fresh homemade broths or stir-fry them with your favorite ingredients.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, purified water, sea salt, sodium carbonate, vital when gluten.

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