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Organic Grass-Fed Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

6 oz
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Organic Grass-Fed Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

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Nancy's original Organic Grass-Fed Whole Milk Plain Yogurt is thick, rich, creamy, tart, and tangy. Live probiotic cultures mean it's a great choice for digestive health. This classic plain flavor is great on its own, paired with all your favorite breakfast toppings, or used in sweet and savory cooking and baking recipes. Try it as a marinade for meat and fish, or bake it into your next loaf cake!

Ingredients: cultured organic pasteurized whole milk, organic pasteurized nonfat milk, live probiotic cultures (bifidobacterium lactis bb-12, l. acidophilus la-5, l. rhamnosus lb3, l. casei, l. rhamnosus, l. acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis. 
Contains: milk.

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Nancy's Probiotic Foods
Willamette Valley, OR
In 1970, Nancy’s became the first yogurt sold in the United States to contain live probiotics. Sixty years later, with the help of nearly 60 dedicated employees, Springfield Creamery makes 100+ cultured dairy and soy products and distributes across all 50 states.Read more