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Gluten-Free Trifecta Granola Blend

Nana Joes Granola

Gluten-Free Trifecta Granola Blend

14 oz
/ lb
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Gluten-Free Trifecta Granola Blend

Notes From The Producer

The Trifecta Blend is the perfect nut-free mixture. Sweet from the coconut and cranberries and a little chocolate hint in the finish. 

Gluten-Free, Nut Free, & Vegan

Granola ingredients
: Certified gluten-free rolled oats, organic ingredients: cranberries (apple juice sweetened, sunflower oil), cocoa nibs, coconut, maple syrup, safflower oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean, Maldon sea salt, orange zest

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Nana Joes Granola
San Francisco, CA
Wake up to delicious mornings with creative, tasty granola combinations, lovingly created by Michelle Pusateri. Read more