Grassfed Filet Mignon (Frozen)

Morris Grassfed

Grassfed Filet Mignon (Frozen)

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Grassfed Filet Mignon (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

You know what they say: "Good things come in small packages." Mignon is French for "dainty," which is what these little steaks are. But they're big on taste, and so tender you can cut them with a fork. They come from the small end of the tenderloin, also called the short loin. We like to season them with a little sea salt and pepper before pan searing in butter and olive oil over high heat, three minutes per side for rare. Transfer to a warm platter and serve with your favorite veggie and risotto for your next special ocassion. If it's a marriage proposal, she (or he!) is sure to say "Yes!" after this meal.

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two filets per pack, .5-75lb, arrives frozen

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Morris Grassfed
San Juan Bautista
We are a family owned company. We practice holistic management on the rangelands we manage, taking into account the land, animals, and people affected by our decisions. We invite you to take a tour of our operations here and to learn about the social, ecological and health benefits of 100% grass finished beef. Read more