Morris Grassfed

Grassfed Beef Brisket (Frozen)

3.5 lb
$10.00 / lb
Grassfed Beef Brisket (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Smoke it, braise it, roast it, or brine it; this classic cut is perfect for trying out that new smoker, or impressing your in-laws on St. Patrick’s Day.

Product Details

3.5-3.75 lbs, frozen

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About The Producer

Morris Grassfed
San Juan Bautista
We are a family owned company. We practice holistic management on the rangelands we manage, taking into account the land, animals, and people affected by our decisions. We invite you to take a tour of our operations here and to learn about the social, ecological and health benefits of 100% grass finished beef.Read more