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Raw Coconut Meat (Frozen)

12 oz
$11.98 / lb
Raw Coconut Meat (Frozen)

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12oz. / Arrives Frozen
Milkman SF cuts this raw coconut meat out of fresh young coconuts. It's packaged and flash-frozen right away for optimal freshness—keep it in your freezer for up to 8 months! Add this tender, flavorful coconut to smoothies, yogurt, pudding, curries, or chop and dry it for DIY coconut chips. Raw and vegan, with no preservatives or additives. Defrost in the refrigerator (will keep, thawed, for about 4 days) or use frozen.

coconut meat.
Contains: tree nuts.

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Milkman SF
San Francisco
Milkman SF is a local small company whose philosophy is that healthy living and eating is a lifestyle. The company's mission goes beyond amazing customer service and hand-crafting a quality fresh raw product; it makes reducing it's impact on the environment a priority, and gives back to local community organizations by donating time, and financial contributions.Read more