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Masumoto Organic Peach Flat of the Week

8.5 lb
$4.70 / lb
Masumoto Organic Peach Flat of the Week

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Totaling approx. 8-9 lb, peaches per case vary from 16 large peaches to 48 small peaches
Treat your family or your office to the simplest, sweetest snack out there: stonefruit from the Masumoto Family Farm in Del Rey, CA. 

As described in The Perfect Peach - Mercy, Nikiko and David Mas Masumoto's wonderful book, "Our earliest peach, harvested the fourth week of May. Planted in 1985, the year Nikiko was born. A newer variety when first introduced in the 1980s. Today is considered out of date. The flavor of this peach has evolved on the farm. First, it was young and sharp. Then through the adolescent teen years (thirteen to nineteen years old), the taste was good but not mature--like it stayed out too late at night. But near year twenty, the flavor changed and finally matured, as if the peach moved out of the house, got educated, found a job and settled down."

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Masumoto Family Farm
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