Mary's Free Range Chicken

Organic Uncured Chicken Hot Dogs

12 oz
$10.65 / lb
Organic Uncured Chicken Hot Dogs

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12 oz, approx. 5-7 hot dogs
Mary's Free Range Chicken's Organic Chicken Hot Dogs contain fewer calories, less fat, and more protein than the traditional beef or pork hot dogs. These snappy and flavorful Organic Chicken Hot dogs are great, whether you like them boiled, grilled, or microwaved. A kid-friendly favorite that everyone can enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic Chicken, Water, Corn Starch*, Sea Salt, Mustard Seed*, Paprika*, Garlic*, Chicken Base* Vegetable Powders* (Potato, Onion Garlic), Turmeric for Color and Natural Celery Powder (*organic)

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Mary's Free Range Chicken
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