Mary's Free Range Chicken

Organic Pasture Raised Eggs (Large)

1 half dozen
Organic Pasture Raised Eggs (Large)

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1/2 dozen large brown eggs
Mary's Organic Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs are produced by Pitman Farms, a family owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations. The chickens are fed a healthy non-GMO verified, gluten-free, vegetarian diet and have continuous access to pasture where they can spread their wings and explore. There's no wrong way to enjoy these eggs: scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, baked into a frittata, or as a crucial baking ingredient for your favorite family recipes.

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Mary's Free Range Chicken
For three generations, Pitman Family Farms has represented honesty and hard work in the poultry industry. With passion and dedication, the vision of the Pitman Family has been to produce quality poultry.Read more