Martin Bournhonesque

Heirloom Red and Green Celery

1 bunch
$3.99 / lb
Heirloom Red and Green Celery

Notes From The Producer

This beautiful mixed bunch of Heirloom Red and Green Celery features some celery with red base and inner leaves that fade back to green near the top. The texture and flavor of this mix is far cry from the extra crunchy, super watery and often bland blanched celery you're used to seeing at the supermarket. Please note that with this variety, you should expect to see smaller, thinner and less sturdy stalks than with more standard celery varieties. This Red Celery has a very pungent flavor: rich in bitterness and a sweet salinity near the red base, with a hearty and vegetal bitterness taking over when you get closer to the leaves--making the top half better for soups and stocks than snacks or raw applications.

Product Details

Approx. 1-1.25lbs per bunch

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About The Producer

Martin Bournhonesque
Salinas, CA
Martin grows delicious chef-inspired produce in greenhouses in Salinas, CA.Read more