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Baby Spigariello Kale

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Baby Spigariello Kale

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These baby leaves of the Spigariello plant--an heirloom Italian Broccoli variety--have the Brassica sweetness of Broccoli with the tenderness of a Baby Kale.  It's great in hearty white bean soups or quickly sautéed with some olive oil, garlic and shallots, then hit with a bit of lemon juice at the end to bring out the sweetness. For a hearty salad, massage the Spigariello Greens with some buttery olive oil and let it soak in, covered in the fridge, for an hour or two.  Top with a pungent goat cheese, some slivered or toasted almonds, raw or pickled shallots, and a hit of lemon juice.

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Martin Bournhonesque
Salinas, CA
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