Marin French Cheese

Jalapeño Baking Brie

8 oz
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Jalapeño Baking Brie

Notes From The Producer

Who can resist the melty, buttery, richness of warm baked Brie with a spicy kick? Marin French Cheese Jalapeño Baking Brie is a ready-to-bake Brie in its microwave-safe, oven-safe elegant wooden cup. 

Jalapeño Baking Brie is perfect for snacking or as an appetizer, and ready in only 12 minutes in the traditional oven or 1 minute 30 seconds in the microwave oven. 

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8 oz wheel

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Marin French Cheese
At Marin French we’ve been passionate about cheesemaking since 1865. So, in 2015 we’re taking a look back over the 150 years we’ve spent here at Hicks Valley Ranch making our original, handcrafted soft-ripened cheeses. While honoring our tradition we celebrate the innovation and exciting awards our company is enjoying today.Read more