Marin Brewing Company

Mt Tam Pale Ale

22 fl oz
$0.18 / fl oz
Mt Tam Pale Ale

Notes From The Producer

Marin Brewing's Mt Tam Pale Ale has aromas of earthy, piney hops, blending with floral and toast notes.  On the palate those toast aromas meet you up front in flavor, merging into a floral, woodsy hop profile sweetened by honey in the dry finish. Pair with grilled seafood or veggies.

Product Details

22 fl oz, 5.5% abv

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About The Producer

Marin Brewing Company
Larkspur, CA
On April Fools Day, 1989, Marin Brewing Company proudly opened their doors, offering Marin County its first taste of what would go on to be a globally award-winning microbrewery.Read more