Maple Hill Organic

Organic Grass-Fed Vanilla Greek Yogurt

5.3 oz
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Organic Grass-Fed Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Notes From The Producer

Authentically strained, packed with 13g of protein, and satisfyingly speckled with a deep vanilla flavor, these Organic Grass-Fed Vanilla Greek Yogurt is silky smooth, palate-friendly, and a great energizing snack at any time of the day.

Ingredients: 100% grass-fed pasteurized whole milk*, cane sugar*, vanilla beans*, fruit pectin, citric acid, live active cultures (*organic)
Contains: milk.

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One 5.3 oz cup

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Maple Hill Organic
Maple Hill is committed to paying farmers a fair, competitive price for their milk and sharing healthy, organic, grass-fed dairy products with families all over the United States.Read more