Pork Bone Broth

Mama Tong

Pork Bone Broth

32 fl oz
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Pork Bone Broth

Notes From The Producer

Organic, 100% pasture raised pork bones were cooked at a low simmer for 24 hours with a dash of apple cider vinegar to help draw out every possible nutrient. To make this nutrient-dense, gelatin-rich broth both nourishing and flavorful, fresh vegetables were added for the last few hours of cooking time. This broth can be used for stews, soups, and braises or enjoyed on its own. Salted lightly and made for people with delicate appetites. 

Ingredients: filtered water, pork bones*, onion*, celery*, carrot*, thyme*, parsley*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar (apple juice, filtered water)*
*certified organic

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Arrives frozen in a quart size heat sealed foodsaver bag (BPA free)

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Mama Tong
Homemade, healing soups using Chinese remedies, specializing in post-natal recovery and well-being.  Read more