Magnolia Brewing Company

Proving Ground IPA

6 count
$0.17 / fl oz
Proving Ground IPA

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6 count of 12 fl oz cans, 7.0% abv
One of Magnolia's most-loved and asked-for beers; they've been brewing this over-the-top IPA since 1999. Proving Ground IPA is built around English Maris Otter malt and fermented with English ale yeast, but then packed with a powerful hop charge like an American IPA, including big dry hop character. American hops dominate but Maris Otter comes through with a malty counterpoint in a way not often found in this style of beer. Pair with hot wings or spicy green curry.

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Magnolia Brewing Company
San Francisco, CA
Magnolia Brewing Company began in 1997 as a neighborhood brewpub. It remains a key part of the San Francisco craft beer community.Read more