Magnolia Brewing Company

Kalifornia Kölsch

6 count
$0.17 / fl oz
Kalifornia Kölsch

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6 count of 12 fl oz cans, 4.7% abv
This is a light, crisp and refreshing golden beer in the style of those brewed in the German city of Cologne (Köln). A slightly sweet aroma with a hint of grassiness leads to herbal and spicy hop character and sweet malt notes. Though fermented at a cool temperature for an ale, the Kölsch ale yeast provides a complex, fruity finish fading to a crisp hop note at the very end. It pairs well with salads, fresh cheese, veggies, fish, and lighter meats.

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Magnolia Brewing Company
San Francisco, CA
Magnolia Brewing Company began in 1997 as a neighborhood brewpub. It remains a key part of the San Francisco craft beer community.Read more