Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Brown Label Mustard Chipotle Hot Sauce

8.5 fl oz
$1.17 / fl oz
Brown Label Mustard Chipotle Hot Sauce

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8.5 fl oz - refrigerate after opening

A unique style of chipotle sauce with the rich notes of Meco chipotles and a dynamic balance between mustard, chipotle and cumin. Bartlett pear juice and figs add very subtle sweetness complementing the deep flavor of roasted garlic and the creeping heat of the scotch bonnet chiles. While this sauce is especially compatible with steak, chicken or pork, it is subtle enough to enjoy on tuna sashimi or with sourdough bread & goat cheese, yet bold enough to use as a taco sauce or on ham & eggs, or pizza or burgers or just about any Mexican food.  

A phenomenally savory sauce with a medium-hot spice profile that creeps as you eat it. Crafted using locally source California produce whenever possible.

Ingredients: cider vinegar, water, onion, chiles (jalapeño, dried chipotle, & dried scotch bonnet), roasted garlic, pears, figs, sea salt, mustard powder, ghost pepper infused sea salt, spices, powdered onion, lime juice concentrate.

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
Hayward, CA
My mission is to produce the most balanced, flavorful and versatile hot sauces possible - ones that can be used on everything and appeal to all tastes from moderate to strong heat, without overpowering food.Read more