Genovese Basil

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Genovese Basil

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Genovese Basil

Notes From The Producer

Local Greens' 1 oz. package of Genovese Large Leaf basil contains very little stems so you get the best part of the plant. They grow basil in a protected environment in Berkeley, CA, all year round using non-GMO organic seeds and natural nutrients. If you trim the stems and place in a cup of water, they'll last for over a week!

Their basil is the one product that isn't currently certified organic--the nutrients they used to use in their aquaponic system for basil, though ecologically sustainable, weren't recognized by OMRI's list--but they are excited to announce that their organic certification for this crop is 3-4 months out!

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Local Greens
Local Greens is an urban farm based on controlled environment agriculture (CEA) now launching the first facility in Berkeley, CA. Our mission is to revolutionize how we feed ourselves. We do this through sustainably growing high quantities of fresh healthy foods just down the road from where the food will be served or sold to our communities. We are bringing local farming right into your neighborhood in a way that goes beyond conventional farming and even hydroponics - we use no soil, minimal water, low energy - using specialized growing techniques that mimic nature.  Read more