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Baby Lima

12 oz
$5.32 / lb
Baby Lima

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12 oz. bag

Sometimes called butter beans because of their texture, these "baby" beans are high in iron, potassium and manganese, with a delicate flavor that complements a wide variety of dishes.

With over 150 years of experience cultivating legumes, we have applied our know how to growing older varieties of beans and ensuring that heirlooms continue to be available for eaters who put a premium on flavor over price. Our unleveled row crop fields along the Rancho flood plain curve in the shape of the gentle paleo-era oxbows created over millennium by the Sacramento River and its sister waterways.

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Rancho Llano Seco
Chico, California
Llano Seco Meats is the culmination of our mission to provide a variety of products while caring for the people, the animals and the land. We offer pork and pastured raised beef raised in Chico, CA. We also grow and sell heirloom beans and ancient grains.Read more