Tamarind Black Probiotic Kefir Water

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Tamarind Black Probiotic Kefir Water

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Tamarind Black Probiotic Kefir Water

Notes From The Producer

tea-infused probiotic kefir water - LOW SUGAR

 black assam tea - tamarind paste - lemon juice - kefir water (kefir grains - filtered water - organic cane sugar - organic coconut sugar) 

 antioxidant - antibacterial - antidepressant - boosts immunity - digestive

contains caffeine

The unlimited potential of Kefir water infusions is just beginning to be realized. What an exciting time and place to be; at the forefront of a whole new way to consume the active cultures (aka good gut bacteria) that are so essential for proper digestive and immune support. Till now, the only available means to consume active cultures were through dairy based products such as kefir milk and yogurt, or pills. While these sources do provide active cultures, many only contain at most 7 strains of bacteria. 

Living kefir grains, used to make kefir water, contain over 45 strains of good bacteria, making our kefir water fruit tonics packed with living cultures you cannot find through these other means. 

As for the infusion part of our kefir water tonics, well, here is where we have our fun! Our infatuation with creating tantalizing tonics that truly feed the body runs as deep as our love for these little, hardworking grains. Fancy homemade lemonades have nothing on us. Want to get a little feisty? Try mixing our tonics into specialty cocktails. Now there's a libation you can feel good about.

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