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Lavender White Peony Tea Water Kefir

13 fl oz
$0.31 / fl oz
Lavender White Peony Tea Water Kefir

Notes From The Producer

The Living Apothecary's probiotic kefir water teas are naturally fermented beverages with live cultures, brewed with organic loose leaf tea or herbal infusions. They use non-dairy, grain-free kefir cultures and let them ferment with just a bit of organic cane sugar until they're full of probiotic goodness and ready for you to enjoy. Lavender White Peony Tea Water Kefir is a light, slightly floral flavor. Contains caffeine. 

 kefir water (nondairy kefir cultures with probiotic bacteria and yeast strains), white peony tea*, lavender tea*, filtered water, lemon juice*, cane sugar*, coconut sugar* (*organic).

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