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Organic "Rough Around the Edges" Baby Brussels Sprouts

1 lb
$4.99 / lb
Organic "Rough Around the Edges" Baby Brussels Sprouts

Notes From The Producer

These baby Brussels Sprouts are sweet and tender, although they may not be as pristine clean as conventionally-grown Brussels you may see at the supermarket. Their flavor, on the other hand, is excellent.  Halve and roast to browned perfection with just a bit of maple syrup, and you're ready for some wintertime Brassica heaven.

Please note: Brussels Sprouts are an incredibly difficult crop to grow organically, so when one of the farms we work with decides to take a risk and plant a crop of these Brassicas, we do what we can to support! While not every harvest comes out of the field looking perfect, we hate the idea of the delicious sprouts going to waste, so we're happy to offer them to you at a reduced price.

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