Organic Farmer's Choice Mixed Veggie Box

Live Earth Farm

Organic Farmer's Choice Mixed Veggie Box

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Organic Farmer's Choice Mixed Veggie Box

Notes From The Producer

A variety of seasonal vegetables fresh from our farm. In fall, our box typically includes 8-10 items such as loose or bunched roots, salad greens, leafy cooking greens, broccoli/cauliflower, and other seasonal items such as sweet peppers, lemons, winter squash, and apples! (Want to check out the contents of our boxes or find recipe suggestions for that one elusive vegetable? Click Here! Updated on Wednesdays. Contents may vary from those listed.)

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One small farm box, typically suitable for two persons for one week.

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Live Earth Farm
Live Earth Farm is a small family farm growing a large diversity of vegetables and fruit on 75 acres in the beautiful Green Valley nestled along the southern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains near the Pacific Ocean. Read more