Little Organic Farm

Organic Dry-Farmed Bintje Potatoes

1 lb
$3.99 / lb
Organic Dry-Farmed Bintje Potatoes

Notes From The Producer

The Bintje potato is really a stand-out performer among potatoes. Yellow flesh, silky skin, creamy texture, and a slightly nutty flavor, they have a high moisture and low starch content, which makes for a very versatile potato. They have a great consistency mashed and are able to hold their shape fried. They are the potato used in the famous Dutch french fries—potat or pomme frites—which are customarily served with mayonnaise, ketchup, and raw onions.

Product Details

Approx. 6-9 potatoes per lb

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About The Producer

Little Organic Farm
Little Organic Farms, owned and operated by David Little, is a third generation Marin resident originally from San Anselmo. He fell in love with farming and the countryside and started looking for ways to support his family on the ranch there and started farming potatoes in 1995. He chose potatoes because the land around Tomales was historically used to farm potatoes and was well suited to the crop. David has since has success growing onions, tomatoes, strawberries, and other crops on the farm. Read more