Little Belgians

Vanilla Speculoos Gift Box

32 count
$2.08 / oz
Vanilla Speculoos Gift Box

Notes From The Producer

Happy Mother's Day from Little Belgians & Good Eggs!

A California take on a Belgian classic, these crispy cookies are a world apart from the version served on airplanes. Crafted with organic ingredients, these cookies are just as crunchy and buttery as our original speculoos, with an added touch of sweetness from light brown sugar and aromatic vanilla.

Ingredients: organic unbleached flour, organic light brown sugar, organic unsalted butter, organic eggs, vanilla, baking soda, salt.
Contains: wheat, dairy (butter), eggs.

Product Details

Embossed gift box containing 32 cookies, sealed for freshness.

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About The Producer

Little Belgians
little belgians is an artisanal cookie company in Berkeley. We make speculoos, arguably the most popular cookie in our native Belgium. Read more