Apple Biscotti

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Apple Biscotti

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Apple Biscotti

Notes From The Producer

A distinctive blend of organic heirloom wheat and organic dent corn—milled fresh for each batch—is paired with farm-dried organic apples, toasted almonds, and subtle spices in these crispy biscotti cookies.  

Since 1999 Little Apple Treats has called Sebastopol’s apple-growing country home. Their certified organic orchard provides luscious, flavorful heirloom apples that serve as the basis for endless creativity when blended with other top-notch locally-grown ingredients and artisanal sweeteners from around the world. These whole grain cookies are a reflection of their commitment to not just sourcing the best ingredients possible, but hand-crafting them into delicious treats your family and guests will enjoy. A true standout alongside your afternoon coffee or tea.

Ingredients: Ground Wheat Berries*, Ground Corn*, Unrefined Cane Sugar*, Evaporated Cane Juice*, Almonds*, Apples*, Eggs*, Local Butter, Baking Soda, Salt, Citrus Zest, Vanilla Bean. *Organic Ingredients. Contains: Dairy (Butter), Eggs.

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Little Apple Granola
Hi! We're Dan and Joanne. Along with our own apples, we use the best ingredients we can find - local, organic walnuts and almonds from the Capay valley, organic olive oil from a third generation farm in Stockton, West Coast oats.  Read more