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Flat of Organic & Fair Trade Raspberries (Mexico)

4.5 lb
$0.69 / oz
Flat of Organic & Fair Trade Raspberries (Mexico)

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Twelve 6 oz container
Nothing says summer like scrumptious handfuls of raspberries, ripened on the bush. Sweet and delicious Organic Raspberries, perfect raw or cooked in pies, jams, and sauces.

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Limited Edition
San Diego, CA
Limited Edition grows a premium selection of tasty tomato varieties and a bountiful assortment of beautiful berries from farms ranging from Watsonville, CA to Baja California Sur in Central Mexico. Even though the climate and the locations of the farms differ, Limited Edition's mission remains the same: Improve lives from farm to table and cultivate positive change by committing to growing quality produce that meets the highest standards of food safety and social responsibility. Read more