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Organic Coconut Flakes

7 oz
$0.54 / oz
Organic Coconut Flakes

Notes From The Producer

When you want to cook, bake, or even just snack on tasty coconut, you aren't also looking for sulfites, preservatives, or heaps of added sugar. That's why Let's Do...Organic created Organic Coconut Flakes: just organic coconut, sliced and dried, with absolutely no additives. For baking projects, granola, or savory dishes like curries and braises, there's nothing better than a handful of coconut to add rich, nutty flavor.

Ingredients: coconut* (organic*).
Contains: tree nuts.

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About The Producer

Let's Do...Organic
Carpinteria, CA
Naturally rich in coconut fat and flavor, Let's Do…Organic coconut contains no added enhancers, extenders or preservatives—only pure organic coconut to make your recipes shine. Read more