Las Palmalitas via Veritable Vegetable

Organic Small White-Fleshed Dragonfruit

1 count
$16.53 / lb
Organic Small White-Fleshed Dragonfruit

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Approx. 0.6 - 0.85 lb per dragonfruit
With a refreshingly mild, tropical flavor (think Kiwi mixed with Banana mixed with Honeydew), this unique fruit, rarely grown in California, has a striking exterior and an even more striking flesh. Juiced or blended, the Dragonfruit can serve as an amazing color addition and mild sweetener.

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Las Palmalitas via Veritable Vegetable
This 20 acre organic farm is situated in the beautiful Santa Barbara mountains which is prime location for citrus to grow. The farm has a rich history and is run by the Carlton family, consisting of Sharron, Will, and Billy. Read more