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Tommy Atkins Mango

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$4.65 / lb
Tommy Atkins Mango

Notes From The Producer

This classic mango variety is sure to please even the pickiest eater! Grown in Southern California's Coachella Valley, this fruit is tree-ripened and more flavorful than internationally shipped tropical fruit (which are picked green to prevent bruising in transport and then artificially ripened with ethylene gas). Try them whizzed into a salad dressing, chopped into a fruit salad with some spearmint and a squeeze of lime juice, or peeled, scored, and dusted with chili powder for a classic Mexican snack. Yum!

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Approx. 0.75-1.25lb per mango

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La Rosa Family Farms
La Rosa Family Farms dates back to 1910, when Joseph La Rosa, a Sicilian immigrant, set out to farm over 300 acres of land in Hughson, CA. SInce then the farm has undergone many changes, but has proudly remained in the family. While the La Rosa Family currently farms on 60 acres of their own land, they also belong to and help run a cooperative of fruit growers all along the western states. Today, La Rosa Family Farm is utilizing it's delicious and fresh fruit to help build farm-to-school produce programs, and is helping to grow awareness around the local food that is available to school children in the Central Valley. The La Rosa family is proud to continue the tradition of farming in the way they see it as effecting the most change: by uniting communities through working the land together and sharing it with the world. Read more