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N'duja Spicy Prosciutto Spread

4 oz
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N'duja Spicy Prosciutto Spread

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4 oz.
'Njuda is a specialty of Calabria. Traditionally considered a peasant food, the Italian version is made from "poor cuts" of pork preserved with Calabrian pepper. La Quercia's 'Njuda Americana is made with prosciutto and speck-- quite the opposite of poor cuts! A delicious spreadable blend of La Quercia cured meat spiced with American red pepper, it marries rich umami to abundant heat.

Extremely versatile! Spice up a pasta sauce, grilled cheese, burger, pizza, crostini, or taco. Wonderful just slathered on warm bread or a cracker.

 Fully cured prosciutto and speck, sea salt, red chili pepper.

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About The Producer

La Quercia
Norwalk, IA
We started La Quercia to create premium quality American prosciutto, then applied what we learned to other cuts of pork. Our appreciation for cured meats grew out of the three and a half years we lived in Parma, Italy, prosciutto's area of origin, where we saw how the careful treatment of fine materials resulted in an accessible, sublime and entirely regional cuisine. Our ambition to create our own prosciutto came from our desire to take the bounty that surrounds us in Iowa to its highest expression. We seek to contribute to the growth of premium artisan-made American foods by offering unique dry cured meats of the finest quality.Read more