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Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Notes From The Producer

LAFAZA Premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans represent the finest vanilla produced by farmers each year—the cream of the crop. These 2 whole vanilla beans are fragrant and full of seeds, with deep black coloration and moist, flexible pods.

Gourmet Madagascar vanilla beans make a wonderful and fresh addition to baking recipes, desserts, savory dishes, and specialty beverages. To use a vanilla bean in cooking, simply split the bean in half lengthwise, scrape out the thousands of little seeds inside the pod with a spoon, and stir them into your recipe. 

Vanilla complements many flavors in cooking. We recommend using the inside of up to 1 whole vanilla bean per normal recipe (of cookies, cakes, fruit filling, pies, etc).

Ingredients: Whole Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.

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2 whole Madagascar vanilla beans per jar

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LAFAZA Vanilla
LAFAZA manufactures gourmet-quality vanilla and spice products that are sourced directly and ethically from smallholder farmers in rural Madagascar. Our products are always produced naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Farmers receive higher prices for their products, training in best practices, and support for strengthening the capacity of grower cooperatives.Read more