Organic Chef's Pick Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Organic Chef's Pick Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml
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Organic Chef's Pick Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Notes From The Producer

The flagship of our KATZ offerings and a seven-time gold medal winner at the prestigious L.A. International Olive Oil Competition, KATZ Chef’s Pick is blended in small lots from oils harvested from olives grown in our certified organic Up Valley Grove in the Suisun Valley (on the eastern border of Napa). This historic agriculturally rich valley with loamy and sandy soils is an ideal growing region for the Italian varietals of olives planted there. Our goal each year remains the same…produce an excellent and high-quality oil that reflects the generous flavors, balance and harmony that come from good growing and harvesting practices.

KATZ Organic Chef's Pick contains the following organic olive varieties:

Frantoio and Maurino...40%, these classic Tuscan cultivars lend the rustic, bold charm with grassiness and artichoke flavors. 
Leccino...40%, the character of this traditional Tuscan varietal has an outstanding balanced fruitiness with spicy and grassy overtones, and a mild to soft pungency. 
Taggiasca and Casaliva...20%, these varieties are native to the Liguria and Lombardy regions of Italy, respectively. They are noted for their soft and persistent fruitiness with sweet overtones producing a lush mouth feel. 


This year's KATZ Organic Chef's Pick Extra Virgin Olive Oil continues its tradition of bold flavors and rustic charm. The nose catches grassiness, with hints of artichoke and fennel, with nuances of herbs and sweet spice. This year’s oil has balanced flavor with a robust pungency - the pepper in the back of your throat announces its polyphenolic freshness. Note: this past year was an intense drought year in California and we believe the heightened flavor of the oil this harvest is a direct result of the 'stress' of the trees and soils from this weather event. Olive trees are generally drought tolerant, and will, when water deficient, concentrate the oils creating more pungency and fruitiness...and that is what has occurred!

The oil has a VERY low 0.17 free acidity reading and a peroxide value of 6.2, well below the international threshold and a sign of the oil’s very high quality and structure. Chef’s Pick enhances a wide array of foods, but its bold flavor will shine in seasonal pasta dishes, casseroles and stews with meats such as lamb, beef or game, and in dressings for leafy greens such as spinach and arugula. This is the perfect condiment oil for the professional and home cook.

Harvested October 28th - November 14th 2014.

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About The Producer

Albert and Kim had taken an inspiring trip to Italy where they tasted many new things, but it was the olive oil that really hit them. As luck would have it, the olive oil production in Northern California was just about to bloom and a large part of it started in the Napa area. Quite serendipitous! Albert became one of the founding members of the California Olive Oil Council in 1993 during this time. Read more