Josey Baker Bread

Griddle Cake Mix

32 oz
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Griddle Cake Mix

Notes From The Producer

remember when you were a kid and your gramma used to say, "hey Johnny, get your butt in here, these cakes are hot off the griddle!!!"

i don't remember that either, but anyway, check this out - we are now making griddle cake mix, and it's frikkin awesome. it's just a totally delicious blend of whole grains and seeds, and it's easy as heck to whip up into a batch of ridiculously tasty griddle cakes in the comfort of your own home. 

all you need is a coupla eggs, some buttermilk, and good ol' fashioned tap water. 

what's in it? 

red wheat*, white wheat*, rye*, oats*, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, corn meal*, millet, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt

*all grains are whole and stone ground at The Mill

go ahead and make your gramma proud Johnny.

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Josey Baker Bread
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I'm Josey Baker. And yes, that is my real last name. I bake bread. No commercial yeast in my breads, just that good wild stuff, otherwise known as "sourdough." And yup, all of my flour is organic. Read more