Dark Mountain Rye

Josey Baker Bread

Dark Mountain Rye

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Dark Mountain Rye

Notes From The Producer

ok, ya wanna know a secret? this is actually my favorite bread, the bread that i eat everyday, the bread that i take with me when i'm headed out to the woods for an adventure on a river in the middle of the California wilderness. we haven't been able to make enough of it to supply the demand, but we just did a big ol' switcheroo to the way we do things, and so now i would like to cordially offer it up to you.

what is this bread, you may ponder???

it's a rye bread. but not the type of rye bread that is light and fluffy and filled with caraway seeds. no no, this is nothing like that. it is 100% stone ground whole grain rye, with a bunch of toasted sunflower and sesame seeds, flax seeds, and stone ground corn meal. like all of our bread, it's naturally leavened/made with a sourdough starter. many folks who have sensitivity to wheat/gluten/bread have told me that this bread doesn't cause them any trouble, but this is in no way a promise that it will cure what ails you.

this bread will keep well for a week, left on your kitchen table, with the cut side facing down. it will also keep for a week in your backpack while traipsing through the mountains. in fact, that's its favorite place to be, so next time you're headed out please invite it along.

Ingredients: Whole rye flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, cornmeal, sourdough culture, sea salt

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Josey Baker Bread
San Francisco, CA
I'm Josey Baker. And yes, that is my real last name. I bake bread. No commercial yeast in my breads, just that good wild stuff, otherwise known as "sourdough." And yup, all of my flour is organic.  Read more