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country sourdough

Josey Baker Bread

country sourdough

24 oz
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country sourdough

Notes From The Producer

let's keep things simple here, folks. we're gonna bake you a loaf of bread, pure & true - flour, water, salt, sourdough culture. our country sourdough also contains a bunch of fresh whole wheat flour that we stone mill everyday at The Mill. sound good? order a loaf, we'll bake one just for you.  

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, bread flour (wheat), sourdough culture, sea salt

Contains wheat

Product Details

1.5 lb loaf, fresh baked that morning.

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About The Producer

Josey Baker Bread
San Francisco, CA
I'm Josey Baker. And yes, that is my real last name. I bake bread. No commercial yeast in my breads, just that good wild stuff, otherwise known as "sourdough." And yup, all of my flour is organic.  Read more