Jeremy Murdock

Fuyu Persimmons

1 lb
$3.99 / lb
Fuyu Persimmons

Notes From The Producer

Jeremy Murdock's Fuyu Persimmons are some of the most delicious we've ever had. Grown in Winters, CA, just 70 miles from our San Francisco Food Hub, these Fuyus are harvested ripe and ready to eat. Though not certified organic, Jeremy--a former CCOF inspector--knows how to grow these Persimmons to perfection without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers whatsoever. The squat, tomato-shaped Fuyu variety--unlike the acorn-shaped Hachiya variety--can be eaten firm like an apple for a mildly sweet crunchy treat, or can be left to soften to a gel-like stage for an intensely sweet experience.

Product Details

Approx. 3-4 persimmons per lb

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About The Producer

Jeremy Murdock
Winters, CA
Jeremy Murdock knows delicious produce and all about how it's produced. With decades of experience growing food, certifying it as organic with CCOF, raising ducks and in an out of the agricultural education and research fields, Jeremy loves connecting people with delicious food. He works with some of the finest restaurants in the Bay Area to provide them with amazing citrus from Tenalu Ranch, apples from Coco Ranch, figs from his neighbor's 100-year-old trees, and persimmons he's managing himself.Read more