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Organic Weybridge

4 oz
$27.96 / lb
Organic Weybridge

Notes From The Producer

Weybridge is an organic, lactic-set cheese with a delicate bloomy rind. The lightly aged style is meant to showcase the Scholtens’ rich and complex Dutch Belt cow's milk. The thin rind surrounds a delicate cream-line, showing a toasty, mushroomy flavor in contrast to the bright acidity of the dense, milky core. The small medallion format appeals to any occasion—a snack for two or a garnish for a larger spread—and the rich, creamy flavor makes it an ideal breakfast cheese alongside berry preserves and freshly-baked bread. Classic beverage pairings include dry, bubbly white wine, sparkling apple cider or a crisp German pilsner.

Ingredients: pasteurized cows milk, rennet, cultures, salt.

Contains: milk.

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Greensboro Bend, VT
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