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Hot Honey

8 oz
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Hot Honey

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Bee Local, now part of Jacobsen Salt Co., begins with single-origin, sustainably-produced honey, infuses it with Scorpion Chili Peppers (one of the world's hottest yet most flavorful peppers), and then balances it all out with a touch of vinegar. Hot Honey brings a spicy-sweet kick to your favorite foods from roasted veggies to marinades, salad dressing, cheese plates, fried chicken, grilled meat, ice cream, cocktails, and more.

Ingredients: honey, scorpion chili pepper, vinegar.

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Jacobsen Salt Co.
Tillamook, OR
Harvested from the cold waters of the Oregon Coast, Jacobsen Salt Co.’s pure sea salts have gained much critical acclaim for their beautiful taste, texture, and appearance.Read more