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Organic Hodo Sichuan Mapo Tofu

Hodo Soy

Organic Hodo Sichuan Mapo Tofu

10 oz
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Organic Hodo Sichuan Mapo Tofu

Notes From The Producer

Hailed as one of the most popular Chinese dishes ever, the legendary Mapo tofu is a spicy stir fry of our signature tofu, with the heady, floral fragrance and tongue-tingling bite of Sichuan peppercorn.  We added miso and mushrooms for a richer flavor.  Hodo Sichuan Mapo Tofu is a quick, easy and  delicious entrée. ll organic, non-GMO, and ready-to-serve.  The entrée is all vegan and made with gluten-free ingredients. 

Hodo Sichuan Mapo Tofu is ready-to-eat!  Just simply reheat the entrée and serve over rice or noodles.  For a traditional option, brown and cook ground meat in a skillet, then add Hodo Sichuan Mapo Tofu and stir to combine.  

Ingredients: Hodo Organic Firm Tofu (Water Organic Soybeans, Calcium Sulfate), Water, Soybean Oil*, Miso*, (Cultured White Rice*, Soybeans*, Water, Sea Salt), Garlic*, Ginger*, Rice Vinegar* (Water, Rice*), Dried Mushrooms*, Paprika*, Sichuan Peppercorn*, Sea Salt, Chilies*, White Pepper*

Contains soy
* Organic

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10 oz, vacuum packed in carton, refrigerated

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About The Producer

Hodo Soy
Oakland, CA
Organic, non-GMO hand-crafted tofu and delicious tofu-based artisan foods that will forever change the way you know tofu. Vegan and gluten-free. Read more