Organic Hodo Sesame Yuba Noodles

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Organic Hodo Sesame Yuba Noodles

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Hodo Sesame Yuba Noodles are a delectable meal of hand-cut yuba strips.  Yuba is the thin veil that forms on the surface as the cream rises in heated soymilk. To make our delicious Hodo Sesame Yuba Noodles, we first marinate our yuba, and then sear to bring out its amazing natural flavors. We then hand cut the yuba into ribbons and glaze them with a savory, creamy and luscious tahini dressing, which is delightfully rich with fruity and nutty undertones. 

Hodo Sesame Yuba Noodles are certified organic, gluten-free and are protein-rich with zero cholesterol. The noodles are great eaten cold or hot. Enjoy the strips straight, on a salad, or as the star in a wrap or pasta. Simply serve as a side dish for a quick and delicious meal.

This product was formerly called as Hodo Sesame Yuba Strips.

Ingredients: Hodo Organic Yuba (Water, Organic Soybeans), Water, Tahini* (Sesame Paste*), Gluten-Free Tamari* (Water, Soybeans*, Salt, Alcohol*), Rice Vinegar* (Water, Rice*), Evaporated Cane Juice*, Sesame Oil*, Brown Sugar*, Cornstarch*, Soybean Oil*, Garlic*, Ginger*
* Organic

Recipes: http://goo.gl/vvl1fp

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